The GearAmerica Pledge!

We’ve always been a little different. Call it an edge, call it a quirk; so when we founded GearAmerica we went about it our own unique ways.

While most businesses start with the focus on their bottom line, our vision was to create an adventure brand that aligns with our core beliefs. A brand you will resonate with and eagerly join in, changing the world around us by helping support a great cause.

Our mission was to advocate and live a lifestyle of freedom, comradely, and respect for nature and machinery. This is why off-roading was the perfect fit.

So, if you love the off-road, join us! Get-up, gear-up & get-out to play in natural untouched open spaces. Linger at the end of the seemingly impassable trail that opens to breathtaking views. If you love to push boundaries and challenge the status quo - it would be a privilege to have you on-board and be a part of your journey.

As always, off-road smart and tread lightly!