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Worth the money! Quality parts

March 29, 2020

I used these for the first time yesterday after my 50Kn false crotch blew apart... 35k straps, 25T blocks, 50k shackles, did amazingly well pulling a sizeable red oak backwards. Frame of reference, the tractor is 20k lbs, with a 20k hydraulic winch. Operator was pulling in reverse while winching. NOTHING gave at all! I'm going to buy 2 more of everything!

Work very well.

March 26, 2020

This is the best tow point I have ever used. Easy to use and easy to store. I have pulled a lot of vehicles out of the ditch with this tool.

ATV tree recovery w/ GearAmerica Smart Snatch Block

March 22, 2020

I was Pulling 12 to 16 inch diameter trees with the ATV which required some physics when I was working on a hill side. The snatch block allowed me to secure one end of my cable to a tree which gave the ATV enough pulling power to hall up sections of the tree after being cut into 4 foot lengths. The snatch block is engineered perfect for fast hookups and designed to be a user friendly system. This along with any future maintenance repair that may be needed can be very easily done. This was a great purchase with may applications whether on the farm or out working the trails and when riding back country.

High Quality

March 7, 2020

High quality product, the anti-theft feature is a plus. Rubber washers keep it tight and rattle free but pain on the butt to put its on for a real tight fit. A+++

Better than expected

March 2, 2020

I purchased the bundle pack which includes the 8' and the 20' strap. My straps are going to be used to tow an Indy open wheel race car. These straps are very durable and made to protect the surface of your vehicle. The straps are tough and I believe would pick my entire car off the ground. The carry bag will help keep the straps protected and secure inside. Haven't had to deal with customer service, but if they are anything like their straps, I'm sure they will go above and beyond to help with any issues.

Lightweight and designed for synthetic rope

February 25, 2020

I love this product! It is well made and came well packaged. The attachment point is rounded for a synthetic shackle and the weight is about half (or less) than my old steel snatch block. This is something that will go in my recovery kit and won't break my back hauling it around.

Great product, you won’t be disappointed!!

February 20, 2020

Very impressed with the Quality and packaging for this recovery kit. Everything is Built very strong and for the price you can’t go wrong. Go ahead and order this you won’t be disappointed!!

Perfect recovery kit!

February 17, 2020

Great kit! Higher quality than some of the higher priced kits. And it helps a good cause. Couldn’t be happier. Already used it and it didn’t disappoint!

Worth it. American made

January 26, 2020

Just got it’s first use in a Northern Canadian snowstorm. Super study I had no concerns with strength while being pulling out of the ditch. The rubber pads included are a bonus doesn’t make any noise rattling around while driving.

Great product

January 1, 2020

Fantastic value, very durable, have used to free my 8,000lbs truck with my 10,000lbs skidloader an 4500lbs dumptrailer out of mud and didnt skip a beat. Rolled back up neatly and secured with the nice velcro strap and stored in my toolbox for next time i need it!!

High Quality and look amazing

December 9, 2019

I got these to give my ride a better look as well as providing access points in case I never need recovery. The shackles are sent in a box with pre-cut foam that fits perfectly around each shackle. You have 6 total washers (rubber type material) per shackle. This allows you for a snug fit on each recovery hook as well as keeping the shackles in place and not allowing them to make any noise. Installation is easy even for one person. I used threadlock just to make sure that the pin on the shackle does not come loose. The look of them really pops and each shackle is a work of art. Highly recommend for anyone looking at these.

Awesome! Great value.

December 2, 2019

Love these. Look great and beefy as can be. Come with rubber washer, various thickness so you can fine tune it to your d-mount. They don't swing and bang on the bumper with washers. Can't be the price. Warns are 3x as much.

WOW I’m officially impressed!

November 29, 2019

They weren’t kidding when they called it Mega Duty. This thing is so much beefier than your standard snatch block. Here are some pictures that show the difference. I have a standard 8T Snatch Block that I recently purchased, before finding the mega snatch block from GearAmerica. The standard one is made from stamped steel and I’ve seen many of them bend or snap during recoveries. The mega snatch block is made of thick forged steel, it’s more compact, has only a single o ring that is about twice as thick as the two o rings on the standard pulley. It also has a much higher capacity and I’m confident it can pull any vehicle out. My winch is only rated at 12,000 lbs and this snatch black works with winches up to 25,000 lbs and I like to have a hefty safety cushion with all my equipment. I am returning my standard snatch block and getting another mega snatch block and I can just use both during complex recoveries.

Works great behind my dozer!

November 27, 2019

I have used this strap multiple times behind my D4 dozer to pull 8-12” alder trees roots and all. I have broke two 5000 LB chains I bind around the trees. I have even pulled three trees at once. No sign of wear!

Awesome Product

November 20, 2019

I bought my Tow Strap last year and I have nothing but good things to say about it! High quality craftsmanship and durability. This is the last tow strap you're every going to buy, once you pick one up, you'll know what I mean. Used this countless times and it hasn't failed me yet. Great company and great product.

Prefect fit and Heavy Duty

November 6, 2019

Prefect Fit and extremely Heavy Duty. I had a large tree down and needed a safe way to get it out of the way. Put these on the rear bumper of my truck, attached a tow chain, put the truck in 4wheeldrive and off we went. If you need a great and heavy D-Link these are the ones to get.

Great Straps

October 6, 2019

I haven't used these straps for towing vehicles, I used them to pull a downed tree. I had a tree fall in a tornado, but instead of falling to the ground it got hung up in two other trees. The contractor I had out to work on it tried for several hours to get the tree unstuck and moving, but finally gave up. I anchored one of the tow straps to another tree and one to the fallen tree and put a 4 ton cable puller in between and pulled the fallen tree loose. These things are beasts.

Best Tow Strap I Ever Had!

September 4, 2019

Just got this strap yesterday... Opened it up and I was very impressed with the quality, stitching and length of the strap. As luck would have it, today I needed to use it. This strap is a BEAST! I didn't want to like it because I'm old school and it was the 4" flat and not the older round version. But au contraire was I wrong. This strap stows in a small roll wrap that fits easily under my truck seat. You roll it up, cinch it together with a velcro tie strip to keep it from unwinding and place it in a draw-string bag, and oh yeah, the bag and velcro tie strip is provided to you with your purchase. I only wish I would have recorded what I put it through today to show how awesome this tow strap is... It has these boot covers at both ends that helps prevent chaffing, I can tell you for a fact they work! If your looking to buy a good Tow Strap, buy this one. I promise you, you're not going to regret it.


Impressive strength and affordable

August 11, 2019

Paired with a couple tow shackles and a come-along to pull a palm tree out and probably tested the limits of these straps and the steel cable. I was worried for a moment that the straps wouldn’t hold with the tension I put on them but as long as the webbing is protected from the abrasive bark these straps proved to be impressively durable, and affordable. Thanks GearAmerica.

Very Impressed

July 14, 2019

Ok so this is preliminary to our pismo trip but we needed a new strap after our last trip so we purchased this one for the weight rating. I just received this strap and I am very impressed with the initial appearance of quality! I opened up the package and it is very heavy duty compared to some of the other tow straps that we have had. It also comes in a nice bag for easy and clean storage in the trailer. There was a business card which easily allowed me to Scan an image code and sign up for warranty within two minutes. On top of that they have a brochure about the company and I was extremely impressed to see they are donating 10% of all of their proceeds to Saint Jude‘s children’s research Hospital. That is a selfless act that as a parent I appreciate on behalf of all the kids who are or may one day have to use the facility. Kudos to GearAmerica and I will continue to support you all if only for that reason. I’ll look for folks to tow out this week and let you know how this thing performs.

Durable and strong. Looks great!

August 12, 2019

Should get ten stars!!! Very study and solid product. Lots of compliments on these!! And they very generously donate to a charity that’s dear to me!! Best Company I Have Dealt With!

The best you will ever find!

June 22, 2019

These are awesome and a must buy! They not only look amazing but they are heavy duty and can handle whatever you throw at them. I've had such a hard time finding shackles that look good but can handle this much weight! I 100% recommend these.

Perfect Product, Just What I Needed

February 20, 2019

Perfect product. I may have a strong bumper with D-ring mounts but from being mired in mud up to the top of the tires (wasn't me driving I swear), to being completely free just by pulling on one of these D-rings by another Jeep says something about it's strength. Not only are these impenetrable but they also compliment the truck with a perfect accent, looks like horse shoes hanging lucky-side up. Highly recommended.

Way Over Done....

January 20, 2019

Talk about going the extra mile... These guys do it. Along with some other stuff I ordered, looking at the quality and quantity for the buck, you cant beat this deal... Local stores have "CRAP" compared to this set. Even tried to buy all separately but didn't come close to the price... ONLY problem I have is the orange doesnt match my "Hyper Green" Jeep.. hheeh.. I can live with it...

Very Impressed with this Kit.: (Value and Quality)

May 5, 2019

Gear America thought this one through and included all the items you need to recover from most or all trouble you would en couture four-wheeling. All the items that come in this kit where of high quality and great value for the money. I cannot wait to put it to use.

Quality, and bang for the buck!

July 11, 2019

Recovery gear is an insurance policy when your wheeling!! First and foremost you should have the basics before hitting the trails. You can assemble a kit on your own by piecing together what you’ll need to get rolling, but it can get costly. There are company’s that have pre made recovery kits, some offer more than others, some are high quality and there are some that offer a lot for the money, but the quality is just not there! Gear America offers high quality recovery gear. All of there equipment is tested by an independent company before it leaves the building. Materials are all exceptional and made to last. This recovery kit offers the essentials and comes in a well made carrying bag that can also be used as a dampener. A portion of the proceeds goes to St Jude’s children’s hospital. How awesome is that? Anything purchased from Gear America, plus your getting quality equipment to help keep you rolling on the trails. If you don’t have recovery equipment in your rig, get yourself covered with any quality starter kit, but consider this kit from Gear America, your getting high quality, tested equipment, what you get for the money is worth it’s weight in gold. Some other kits offer less and charge more. The straps are bright orange (great for when it’s getting dark), the gloves are well made too, not some cheap pair just to throw in the kit. 2 D rings and a 9 ton snatch block round out the kit. Oh the bag also has reflective material on it as well. Much easier to spot in low lit areas. Over all I’m pleased and impressed with this kit. Quality doesn’t take a back seat when it comes to safety and recovery gear, Gear America has you covered. Do yourself a favor and consider this kit if your looking to add, change or replace gear.

Quality piece, must have if your winch is for more than show.

October 12, 2018

It’s hard to order things like this because you can not tell the quality from a photo, you need to feel the weight, the quality of the paint and how smooth the bearings are. I was very happy with this after it arrived. A quality piece of equipment that is a must have if you plan on winching your jeep.

Outstanding product

August 3, 2018

Outstanding product. I wasn’t sure what to expect ordering this snatch block but when I received it I was very please at the build quality and How well it looked. I have all of gear America’s straps and schackles so this snatch block was a no brainer. All of there gear has withstood the abuse I tend to put it through. Outfitting your off-road rig does not have to break the bank. If I’m going to count on recovery gear In a bad situation, I’m going to count on gear America.

Impressive build quality

February 3, 2019

Rugged, well made, many uses. I purchased the Gear America Snatch Block for my 4X4 off roading. Since then, I've used it for tree falling, ATV/UTV trips and the 4X4. Love to grease fitting and heavy duty build. After looking around, this seemed like the best choice. After using it, seeing it and feeling the quality, I would ONLY buy Gear America going forward.

extreamly good product

July 15, 2019

the BEST you can BUY

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