Hitting The Trails For The First Time? Here Are Some Off Road Basics

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So you’re ready to hit the trails for the first time. The thrill that is waiting for you out there can be exciting and exhilarating. Perhaps you don’t know where to start, but now that you’re ready to get out there, GearAmerica wants to be sure you are up to the challenge.

The off-roading Jeep community is a tight-knit group that once you get talking to them, they are all more than willing to give you their tips and tricks and help you out. You’ll find that once you hit the trails the community will be there to guide you on the best trails to hit for beginners and get you started. We wanted to provide you with some of the basics that you will need to consider before heading out for the first time.

Find A Local Club

Connecting with your local community can be the best first step. This will help you make local connections as well as find off-roaders in your area to head out with. Ask if the club has training runs for the first-timers. You’ll want to connect with a club that has members that you feel comfortable with. Chances are that there is more than one club in your area. Since you are just beginning, you’ll want the club that can guide you and is willing to take the time while you gain knowledge and a comfort level with being in control of your vehicle.

Forums and Blogs

If you are savvy with finding information on your own, search the net for off-road bloggers and the forums that they host. Many of the forums are specific to your type of vehicle and to your skill level. You can find a great deal of information starting with tips, modifications that you may want to consider, and most importantly where to go. They can also be a good source of connecting with others in your area that you can off-road with. Once you find a good forum to connect with, get involved and start learning!

Know Your Vehicle

Understanding the limitations of your vehicle is probably the best advice you will receive. Different modifications will yield better safety and make the experience more fun. Taking the time to connect with other community members will give you a chance to look over what they have done and why they did it. In this community, everyone learned from someone. When starting out, your vehicle may not be ready for the hardcore trails. Being adventurous and having fun is part of the thrill, however, not jumping too far ahead is best. Talk to others that are more experienced about the limitations of your vehicle and be willing to listen to what they suggest.


Finding Your First Trail

There are loads of resources on where to go to find the off-road adventure that you are looking for. Between forums and trail maps, the destinations are endless. Often local off-road shops or the local clubs will be able to guide you on where to go. With so many trails ready for exploration, make a list and start exploring. When you find your spot, we encourage you, never go it alone. Many things can happen and even the most experienced off-roaders find themselves in a jam, so it’s always best to have an off-road buddy.

GearAmerica has been helping the off-road community enjoy a day out on the trails. With a wide variety of recovery gear to choose from, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions. We are always more than happy to help you begin what we think is the most exciting activity you will ever get out and enjoy

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